Enjoy The Lifestyle Of Aqualane Shores

In the years immediately after the Second War what was to become the City of Naples had a total population of around 600 people. Given the popularity of the area not for those in search of an exceptional waterfront lifestyle in Florida. Aqualane Shores, which neighbors the famous Port Royal area is now attracting renewed interest from home buyers who are interested in one of the premier locations on the Florida coast to offer a variety of housing options such as cove and canal front homes that provide direct access to the rich and varied waters of the Gulf of Mexico. However, aside from the undoubted beauty of the area are there other lifestyle benefits to living in Aqualane Shores?

The weather in Florida makes it the ideal place to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Those who call or will be calling Aqualane Shores Naples Properties homes can take advantage of the weather in the Sunshine State by enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

One of the best days out that can be experienced in the vicinity of Aqualane Shores is to spend some time at the Naples Zoo – which can be found at Caribbean Gardens. The zoo has a wide variety of fauna on display – from lions and other big cats and much more, such as elephant, giraffes, and other large carnivores. Bird species such as flamingos also take pride of place. The zoo also offers the opportunity to stroll in pleasant surroundings merely. Tickets are set at a reasonable price ($19.95), and kids under the age of three do not pay admission. The club amenities is also one of the best in the world.

For those who further want to explore the beautiful natural Florida environment and learn more about the flora and fauna that are unique to the area then a visit to the ‘Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’ is highly recommended. The sanctuary’s mission is to protect endangered species- with a particular focus on native species of birds. Here visitors can come face to face with a variety of endangered owls and many other avian species. Take note of the special events which include the opportunity to explore the swamps under the moonlight.

Florida boasts some of the best eateries in the country and no exploration of the Aqualane Shores area would be complete without enjoying some of the excellent cuisines that are on offer. A great choice is Sails Restaurant where guests are invited to choose their seafood and cuts and then select the way that they would like it prepared. For those who prefer to choose straight from the menu the, ‘the Peppered Tuna Rossini’ is a great choice. Accompanied by a fired foie gras and garnished with black truffle and charcoal roasted onions. You could check out more about us to get more information.

Another great choice is Quinn’s which is only minutes from Aqualane Shore. Here the go-to dishes are the great taco selection with the crispy grouper version standing out from an exceptional crowd. Local beers and frozen cocktails complete the experience.

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Aqualane Shore has so much to offer those who choose to embrace the Florida lifestyle. It is a destination and possibly real estate investment choice that should be investigated.