Location Based SEO Techniques To Make Your Business Easier To Find

A good local SEO campaign will make your place of business easier to find for clients and shoppers who are close enough to visit your store or your office. You need to use different local naples seo agencies to help people find your business and to compete with other local businesses that offer several services and products.

Choose The Right Location Keywords

The most efficient way to target local shoppers is to start using keywords related to your location in your content. Looking for a specific product or service followed by the name of a location is a common way for Internet users to find local businesses. You should start using the name of your city in your content and should also target other location keywords. You can use the names of nearby cities and areas, your region, your neighborhood and the names of popular nearby landmarks.

List Your Business With Different Directories


Directories are a great way to reach out to local consumers. Business directories provide Internet users with all the places that offer a specific product or service along with ratings, reviews, directions and contact information. A lot of directories automatically list businesses but do not add details. You need to claim your listings on Google Places, Apple Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and other popular directories. Make sure the information is up to date, add more details if you can and encourage people to write reviews on these different sites.

Get Mentioned By Local Sources

You can get help from a number of local sources for your SEO campaign. These sources include local professional organizations, official websites for popular events and festivals, non-profit organizations and local news channels, newspapers and magazines. You can get these different sources to mention your business and link to your website by being more active in your community. Raising money for a good cause and organizing your own events are great ways to make a difference while increasing awareness for your business.

Reach Out To Mobile Users

Mobile users are likely to drop by your store if they are in the area. This applies if you offer a product or a service that most people would look up while they are on the go so they can use it immediately. You can reach out to these users by creating a mobile version of your site or by making sure that your official site is properly displayed on mobile devices. Make sure that directions to your business can easily be found on your site.

Find Out More About Your Competitors

Identify who your main competitors are. You are probably already familiar with these other nearby businesses that offer similar products and services. Do some research to get a better idea of how these businesses convince local users to come in and try finding something that you can offer but that your competitors don’t have. You could focus on promoting a larger selection of products, a promotional offer that makes your business more attractive or focus on your brand identity to get people to choose your place of business.

Get More Reviews

Reviews and ratings are very important for your local SEO campaign. Internet users are very likely to check reviews and ratings before deciding if they want to visit a business. Ask people to rate your business on Google Places, social media and on the different directories you use. Do your best to offer excellent customer service so you won’t have to worry about negative reviews. If possible, ask people to mention your business on social media as well. The shoppers who have a large following on social media can help you increase awareness for your business and even boost your traffic by sharing a link to your site.

These different local SEO methods will help you reach out to local clients and customers. Focus on the methods that make the most sense for your industry and for your audience. The research process Internet users go through to find a business where they can get a bite to eat is very different from the process they go through to select a local lawyer and your SEO campaign should reflect this. Check out my other post here.