The Aspasia Phuket is, very fortunately, located on a hill top. Thus, it remained unscathed during the tsunami tragedy on the morning of Sunday, December 26, 2004. All our guests, management and staff have been accounted for and happily there were no major injuries or fatalities. We continue to operate the resort as usual and we are delighted to welcome guests.

The beaches of Kata and Kata Noi are rapidly being cleared of debris and already people are back in the water swimming. The Kata Center, where so many bars, restaurants and shops are located, was unaffected and remains a thriving tourist area.

We do realize however, that we were amongst the lucky ones. Our heartfelt condolences are offered to the families and friends of those who perished in this disaster. Our thoughts and prayers are for the injured and missing. We sympathize with sister hoteliers whose properties were damaged or destroyed.

Thailand is a wonderful country with courageous, resilient people. It will recover from this disaster and come out the stronger for it. We do hope that recent events will not stop holidaymakers from coming here and enjoying the greatest hospitality in the world.

Alistair Why

Managing Director